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China Portrait Photography Society

45 Fuxingmennei Street, Beijing,  100801, China

Telephone: +86-10-66095086


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Mr Yan Tai Chang,
Chairman of the China Portrait Photography Society

The Chinese Portrait Photography Society is a national first-level association and a non-profit social organizationorganized by the Ministryof Civil Affairs.

Prior to 1984, it was known as the National PortraitPhotography Research Association and was re-named as the Chinese Portrait Photography Societythereafter.  The Society focuses on the study of portrait photographytheory, skills &management, and promotes the development of the portrait photography as an academic and professional industry.

The CPPS membership composed of both corporate entities and individuals engaged in the professional portrait photography and those associated closely to the industry and profession. As of today, CPPS has over 500 corporate members and nearly, 5000 individual members.

The Society hosts The National Portrait Photography Art Exhibition once every three years. The objective of this exhibition was to discover a new batch of outstanding talents, at the same time, narrowing the gap between advanced and backward skills in country, eventually, nurturing the local portrait photography industry and heightening the social development of the industry.

The exhibition is currently, one of the major events in the nationalphotography industry and is widely supported and highly valued by the local professionals in the country.

  Management Committee

Chairman : Mr Yan Taichang
Vice President : Ms Ma Zhixia

For more information on CPPS, please visit our society at