Federation of Philippine Photographers Foundation

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Federation of Philippine Photographers Foundation

Room 302A FEMII Bldg A. Soriano cor. CabildoSts.

Intramuros, Manila 1002 Philippines

T: (+632) 524-7576 / F: (+632) 528-0371

E: Eduviges.huang@gmail.com

Website: www.photoworldmanila.com


The Federation of Philippine Photographers Foundation (FPPF), a non-profit organization, was established in 1987 for the upliftment of Philippine photography and the welfare of Filipino photographers.

The FPPF provides a neutral platform to encourage cooperation among the various photography Associations in Philippines. In addition, the PFFP offers support to both the seller and the buyer – the manufacturers and dealers on one hand, and photographers on the other. Such earnest support can be associated to activities like the national and international trade shows and conventions, photo contests, book projects, tourism and travel events, even socially relevant projects like aiding the plight of senior citizens, the handicapped and the less fortunate segments of our population.

The PFFP holds very successful short photo workshops in Manila regularly. To date, The Association has more than 2,000 graduates and many have turned professional and won national and international photography contests and awards. The FPPF workshops are ideal for serious amateurs, would-be professional photographers, R./advertising/publication, hobbyists and home snap-shooters.

Working with government &private institutions on social community projects, the FPPF organizes orientations and training sessions for out-of-school youth, senior citizens, baranggay vocational programs, and staff training. These activities may include photo exhibitions and audio-visual presentations.

  Management Committee

FPPF Chairperson : Mr Eduviges Y. Huang

For more information about SPDA, please visit us at http://www.worldphotomanila.com