President Message



Dear Members,

I welcome you to United Asia Professional Photography Association, also known as the UAPPA!  I am most excited to be conferred as the LIFE President of the Association.

We believe that photography is both an art and a commerce which transcends language, culture & religion and across countries. Hence, it is our UAPPA’s main objective to unify the professional photography and digital imaging industry Associations in Asia.

Since its inauguration in 2000, we have more national photography Associations joining us and had successfully concluded numerous UAPPA’s annual meetings in country like Malaysia, Korea,Thailand and India.

We are always looking to invite more International photography Associations to join us as a part of our international family.  With a larger community, we hope to cultivate a sustainable industry by nurture our own photography industry development and at the same time, promote community cooperation amongst the international members.

I would like to take this great opportunity to welcome all our members to UAPPA!

Mr Yan Taichang

Life President

United Asia Professional Photography Association &

China Portrait Photography Society